Apple does not care about fund-raising, disrupts online donation processes

Apple, the richest company in the world – at the last count, it’s worth $600bn ( £379bn). Yet it sells devices, specifically the iPad2, that users cannot connect with online fund-raising processes to give their money to make children’s lives better.

Is this an iPad2 feature, function or FAIL? My bet is on the latter. You know how much I respect Apple; I’ve written about the company and its strategies on this blog many times.

But this Apple FAIL makes me question the values and culture of the company. Why is it that every other device can connect with this donation site (based in the UK) and give their support and money to good causes, but not Apple?

When a friend of mine tried to use her iPAD2 to connect with an African child-charity donation page, she was unable to do so. She did try very hard. In the end, we found a different way outside of Apple culture so that she can donate.

She’s definitely not happy. The young fundraiser is not at all happy (he’s a Mac user). And I’m gutted because I believed Apple, despite its closed-garden approach, was at least open enough to be part of the new fundraising culture. Apparently, it is not.

Even if Apple is responsible for one donation being blocked, that is one too many.

This blocking extends to one of the most important tools in the fundraising armoury – Flash video. Apple believes in something other than Flash as the future of online visual culture. I think it is wrong about that too. And the company knows that I’m one of many millions that do not understand, nor care for, the Apple Video Future Strategy.

While Apple toughs it out with rival video formats, a collateral damage is the fundraising process. And that means lost opportunities that lead to continued poverty and avoidable deaths of children and older people.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has just been named among Time Magazine’s Top 100 People. Right now, he figures top of my FAIL list, and the bewildered lists of millions of Apple believers and consumers. I hope he will get it right sometime soon – the clock is ticking, Tim.


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