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Content 4.0 – what we will pay for [infographic]

November 5th, 2012 by Tim Greenhalgh

I spotted this excellent infographic on what content we would pay for and thought it might be useful and relevant to you.

Business Insider (not a client) produced the infographic (click on the image for full size) believes that “Media” no longer encompasses merely content, but also commerce, payments, and platforms. It says that in a post-cash, networked, and mobile-enabled society, there are new business models work for digital publishers and digital companies.

Ignition event - infographic of Content 4.0 - what we will pay for

Business Insider‘s New York city event  on November 27-28th - IGNITION: Future Of Digital – is a two-day conference that will explore the successful and emerging business models of digital media.

It has lined up a truly impressive speaker list and I think it would be well worth following. More details here

The themes of the New York event chime with our ideas at Liberate Media. We believe that sharing useful, timely and relevant content is now the most important element of any PR campaign. It has a clear and measurable value for brands.

While we work in the Earned Media world, where free content is used to build brand authority, reputation and trust, we can also see the rise of content forms, provided by savvy publishers that people will pay for, particularly on mobile devices.

For example, we’ve seen the recent launch in the UK of 12ahead, led by editor Andy McCormick, a young veteran of the digital marketing sector.

12ahead provides quality information that is not easily found anywhere else on the web and has a subscription business model. Early signs are that people are more than willing to pay for this information.

The new title, which I hope thrives (they’re not a client), is part of Content 4.0.

Content 4.0, says Business Insider, is the rise of “Awesome to Many”, where technological advance and maturity of online culture combine to give content providers the opportunity to charge for these assets again.

I think that the Content 4.0 proposition is very strong and is still in process as an idea. But I agree that the online commercial landscape has changed fundamentally over the past few years.

The driver for that was Steve Jobs. Through iTunes, he made buying content online cool again. He then enabled this facility through the iPhone so mobile handsets became purchasing devices.

When buying through mobile becomes cool, the economics of the internet are transformed. We owe Steve Jobs a great debt.

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