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Is blogging on the way out…again?

January 19th, 2009 by Lloyd Gofton

One week back into 2009 (for me at least) and out come the depressingly familiar predictions of ‘the end of blogging’.

Where to begin. It seems like every year (often more frequently) the same story is rolled out, blogging has had its day, there are x million blogs in the world but only x amount are updated, you’ll never make money out of blogging, you know the score. Well, I’m here again to say that the point is well and truly being missed.

This was a theme that ran through part of the an article in the current issue of NMA titled: Natural selection, which begins with the line: ‘Despite the fact there are some 130m blogs worldwide, some industry experts believe blogging is on its way out.’ First of all, I don’t have an issue with the piece as such, it’s well written, researched and explained, but in parts it is the most recent example of blogging being misinterpreted  to some extent.

Forgetting the article, and in my humble opinion, blogging is not a technology that will build your empire, it was never meant to be, it’s not a communications strategy either. Blogging is part of the wider world of social media, it’s a tool that can be used to communicate with an audience, hopefully openly and as part of a two way conversation, but it’s not, as some of my colleagues in the PR industry would say, ‘a holistic solution’ – eugh, I feel dirty. Neither is it to be dismissed, as many PRs have in the past.

My point is; those who say that blogging is on its way out are missing the point. Blogging being here to stay or disappearing isn’t really the issue. Blogging is just a flavour of a much wider social communications medium. A part of people getting together to discuss their opinions by way of conversation. They maybe corporates, consumers or one man and his dog, the conversation is the interesting part not the mechanism through which it is delivered.

Yes, blogging has been misused in the corporate world, misunderstood by the publishing world and feared by the communications world, but for the most part we’re coming out of those dark ages, and as Greg Brooks states in the NMA piece, blogging isn’t dead its evolving – hear, hear.

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