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Will social media agencies exist in the future?

September 6th, 2010 by Lloyd Gofton

Over the last few years social media has evolved into an important part of the marketing mix. Many traditional marketeers initially ruled out social media as a passing fad, before eventually trying to embrace it, or at least hire an ‘expert’ or agency that could help, with varying degrees of success.

Today, we still have a knowledge gap in the market between those with a real lack of understanding and knowledge, and those that have experimented, researched and tried to investigate how social media may be able to help their brand/organisation.

This knowledge gap will soon vanish as the “new breed” of savvy marketeers take their first tentative steps into the world of brand communications. These will be the new generation that have spent their youth Tweeting, adding status updates to Facebook, uploading video to YouTube and photos to Flickr.

So that begs the question “Will social media agencies exist in the future?” Will there be a need for their specialist skills? The reality is it’s unlikely that social agencies will exist in the same guise as they are now, they may well have moved on to the next big thing or developed more of an Integrated approach to communications.

As always let us know your thought on the subject: Will social media agencies exist in the future?

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