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The Daily Mail has launched its E-editions, e-paper today, which is basically a downloadable digital version of the paper.

The Daily Mail is not known for breaking new ground in the world of online news, but it has positioned this service as a niche between the print publication and website.

At first glance the E-editions service seems a little unnecessary, and many critics may feel that a web strategy can only be enhanced by taking bold steps forward, rather than sideways. However, considering the Daily Mail’s audience, I think it’s a positive step to bridge the divide between its traditional media audience and the world of web based applications and user generated content.

According to Technology Guardian, the product is a collaboration between Conchango and Microsoft and is closely modelled on the New York Times Reader, which was launched last September.

The Mail’s e-reader is a simple and functional tool, and in this instance I think baby steps are warranted, but a gradual evolution to a stronger web offering should be the long term target.

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