Don’t be a social media optimisation (smo) H.E.R.M.I.T


Social Media Optimisation (SMO), not to be confused with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has been around since 2006. A gent called Rohit Bhargava was credited with inventing the term SMO according to Wikipedia. View his orginal blog post here.

If you want to learn more about Social Media Optimisation, I can recommend The Beginner’s Guide to Social Media Optimization.

Here are some other relevant posts I have read on the subject:

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Just to recap the smo is an optimised site that can be more easily linked to and bookmarked, is highly visabile in social media searches, and has added and extra user generated content like embeddable videos, photos and podcasts ect.

Most of the blogs we follow in the technology field have got their Social Media Optimistation down to a fine art, resulting in small blogs being catapulted into massive, mainstream, must-have RSS feed subscription and go-to sites. Getting your SMO strategy right can launch you into mainstream media and beyond!

So remember if you don’t want to be a social media optimisation H.E.R.M.I.T you should:

H: Help your content travel

E: Encourage the mash-up

R: Reward inbound links

M: Make tagging and bookmarking easy

I: Increase your linkability

T: Think about great content

This diagram below sums up smo very well:



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