Five on Friday – five fabulous Web 2.0 tools and sites of the week (30-01-09)

You know how this works by now, I list 5 of my favourite web 2.0   tools of the week and you check them out!

1. A nice graph to start off the 5 web 2.0 tools selection with. Twitter Venn is a Venn graph that searches up to 3 terms in Twitter. The results are shown as the rate of tweets containing the search terms in the various combinations.

2. The Twitter influence calculator, the influence calculator lets Twitter users determine their personal influence, discover the most influential users in Twitter and compare themselves to others.

3. Want to know which Wiki is best, or suitable for a particular use go check out Wiki Matrix – Compare the Wikis of your choice in a comfortable side-by-side table.

4. Photo Peach helps you share your memories in a lively and vivid way by moving your photos like a video with your choice of background music, captions on each photo, fun effects, and more, the spiral effect is worth checking out.

Windows 7 Beta Screen shots on Photo Peach

5. Finally today we have Deadline, a slick little deadline line calendar tool. You input your reminder, and it will set up the reminder for you.

Once your appointments have been entered, you can quickly search through them based on words or dates you also get the option to have email updates. Reminders can also be accessed via mobile devices.


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