Forrester searches for blogging ROI

Forrester has published a report on the ROI of blogging, summary here and case study here.

It has received mixed reviews so far, here are two examples from Steve Rubel and Dennis Howlett.

The report was researched and written by Charlene Li, VP and Principal Analyst at Forrester and Chloe Stromberg. Charlene’s blog, containing further insight, can be found here.

There have been questions raised about metrics and methods, as you would expect, most notably the use of advertising equivalency values to evaluate editorial coverage will be concerning to PR audiences. However, there seems to be some excellent insight and information contained in the report, judging by the summary.

Forrester’s three-step process to calculate Blogging ROI:


Although this report will probably cause more arguments than it will settle, it should have a positive affect in the boardroom.  In other words, If this report helps to improve the knowledge and standards of organisations looking at, or involved in, the blogosphere, then I think it is a triumph.

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