Google Wave blog post round up

If you haven’t heard of Google Wave yet you must be have been living under a rock for the last few weeks. But fear not, in this post I will share some of the better posts with you to get you up to speed, and hopefully encourage you to have a go yourself, if you’re lucky enough get an invite that is.

1. The first place to have a good old nose around is the Google wave help page. The help forum is full of useful discussions that will help you to get to grips with the practical issues.

2. You should also check out some of the Google Wave featured extensions which give you a sense of what’s coming next.

3. Jared Smith from WebAIM has done a nice overview of the Google Wave accessibility issues

4. Google Wave: A Music Industry Primer, goes on to highlight how the music industry could use waves.

5. Here is a third party video explaining Google Wave.

6. Lifehacker has an in-depth post on Google Wave features, etiquette, and extensions. Including all these handy shortcuts.

7. Top 10 Complaints About Google Wave slideshow can be seen over at eweek. Point 4 touches on similar elements to a post from Techcrunch – Google Wave Is Easier To Understand Than…

8. have put together a new demo on how you might leverage the Wave platform on and how you could leverage from Wave. Interesting stuff!

9. And finally to round things off, The psychology of Google Wave

One last point, I don’t have an invite yet, so please do the honourable thing and help me out if you have one going spare!


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