Has Twitter tipped over the edge into a tin of spam!


First of all – thanks to Wadds tech blog for making me laugh-out-loud this morning with his stop twitter spam blog post – good post!

The highlight was this little round up: “Check out these fools: Braun Shavers, Invisus Direct and Wordframe. And my personal favourite Premature Ejaculation.” – Funny!

This reminded me of a post that I’d seen the day before The Epitome of Faux “Social Media Experts about so called social media experts that don’t have a scooby doo! (some good comments at the bottom of that post too).

We all know that Twitter is hugely popular at the moment, with what seems like 5 new applications coming out a day, and this has had a knock on effect and brought in the spammers by the bucket load. There is even a new blog called Stop Twitter Spam – thanks for the tip Wadds!

Unfortunately this is just going to get worse until every one moves onto the next big thing and then the whole process will start again!


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