How Arsenal shape up on Twitter

Even before the Ryan Babel incident on Twitter, many sports personalities have been in hot water for comments made on Twitter. My colleagues won’t thank me for this, due to their differing football allegiances, but I came across a post on a blog called ‘Arsenal Insider‘ titled – How Cesc & Co. shape up on Twitter. The post overviews how the various players from the Arsenal football team use Twitter, with an interesting overview of the sort of things they discuss.

The post goes on to confirm: “So I decided to track down the Arsenal players.   Could there be any worth or insight on the team?   Who’s best mates with who?   Any information on Arsene (manager)?   With no Arsenal players reaching tabloid headlines with inappropriate tweets, (not even the outspoken Bendtner) I could only assume that the team were well versed in Twitter PR, more so than some leading politicians, but that’s another matter altogether…”

Arsène Wenger (Arsenal Manager) has publicly stated that he will talk to his team about the use of Twitter, which basically says to me that the whole team has been versed in the pros and cons of Twitter and its consequences, as indicated by Arsenal Insider. Wenger goes on to say “Personally I’m against banning the players from expressing their views in general. But it has to be in the interests of the Club and not detrimental”

The Ryan Babel incident won’t be the last controversial tweet from a footballer in the coming months. Frustration and ‘heat of the moment’ tweets sent by sports personalities are set to be a rich source of gossip for the media for some time to come.


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