Is mainstream news beginning to evolve?

At Liberate Media we’ve tracked a few cases of mainstream media getting to grips with the changing face of news consumption, such as this and this, and it appears the trend is continuing in 2007.

To kick us off, Roy Greenslade today highlighted the WSJ’s story on UK newspapers utilising SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and buying search words for big news stories. Not a new trend I realise, but relevant all the same. Specifically he quotes The Telegraph buying the phrase “North Korea nuclear test” last October as an example, a simple search proves this to be correct.

In addition, the piece points out that journalists at The Times are being trained to search optimise their articles.

This seems like a common thread over at News International/Corporation, as The Sun’s fully interactive mobile edition has been welcomed, and Sky News last week ran citizen journalism reports as part of its Green Britain week, which was tracked with Google maps, as reported by Organ Grinder

By Jove, I do believe they’re getting it!

Is this positivity and involvement from mainstream media? Could 2007 really see the nation’s traditional news outlets embrace new methods of communication? Are we on the verge of an accepting and experimental news fraternity? Well, one step at a time…

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