Keyword start page tool – Echoes

Echoes is a similar site to the ever popular Addictomatic, a start page showing buzz around a particular topic, based on a keyword. It mashes up a number of APIs in order to generate the most relevant page results.

Additionally users of Echoes can submit their own knowledge of the topic in the form of:
– RSS Feeds relevant to the topic
– Comments
– Useful links
– Add tags to create topic relationships
This way, each topic homepage will be more useful and relevant to other users.

View the Addictomatic page vs the Echoes page for the search term: Napster


One thought on “Keyword start page tool – Echoes

  1. Hi Andy,

    Excellent, thanks for pointing this out. I have to check Qoara and this one out tonight.

    It sorta looks like Friend Feed. I pefer the visual branding of echoes to that of addictomatic, logo included.

    Thanks for pointing to it


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