Patience is an excellent quality especially with mobile 4G/LTE roll out in the UK

4G/LTE UK fail

Hot news! Eons after mobile 4G/LTE was proven as a technology, the Government and network providers are going to allow us to connect at an ordinary speed.

Lovely, nice, smashing. What gets my goat is that we should have had this ordinary fast mobile broadband at least five years ago.

How much business has been lost in those 60 weeks by the arrogance of the network providers and the total inability of the Government to push for change in the way we organise our connected lives?

I promise you that none of them have our interests at heart. I’ve worked in and around this business for long enough to know this.

I can hardly contain my excitement about the announcement that 4G/LTE will be coming to a city near you, all being well, by next April, maybe before. That’s 16 cities by the way. Whooah! Go Gov! Go Network Providers! You rock! Not.

Can you remember how long it took to roll out broadband connectivity to the whole of our islands? Yeah, right. It’s still in process.

So please don’t hold your breath while we wait for 4G/LTE connectivity … you might expire. And then you’d be a lost customer for the worst network providers in the world.

You think I’m angry about this? Def yes! I’m a patient man but there’s only so much bull you can take before you have to push back. And just before you push back, you realise that the Government knows jack all about mobile – and the network providers suck on this.

But you have to laugh. And I did when I saw the connection speed that 4G/LTE would provide. Watch and chuckle: 4G/LTE Amazing!

Best bit for me was the 3G speed achieved during the tests, which advised 2Mbps at times. I use mobile every day, all the time. And I have never, not once, been provided with that speed.

So I did my tests, conducted over the past three days and the results are as follows:

3G download speed (on 02) central Brighton: download – 0.2Mbps, 0.1Mbps, 0 Mbps.

As I said, don’t hold your breath.

For how much longer do we have to be patient before we push for the everywhere fast mobile connectivity that we deserve, and which drives UK business?


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