Reflecting on the digital PR community

This post has come a little later than I had planned, but needs must. On Wednesday night I attended the first P2PR event, organised by Jamie Burke and Lidia Miras Martinez at Brando Social, thanks guys – I really enjoyed meeting you and everyone who attended.

Jamie has already done an excellent round up of the event and if you haven’t joined the P2PR community on Ning I would encourage you to do so as there is some great debate with smart people involved. So what can I add? Well, what struck me at the event was the good level of debate between people that would traditionally be classed as competitors. Now of course we’re not going to share everything, a point that was highlighted by most people that I spoke to, but there was a mutual respect, willingness to share issues candidly and helpful input on potential resolutions. It was refreshing to have that input and feel part of a group of people that really are trying to better their profession and push new boundaries, especially in the current economic climate.

By the way, from my discussions, I think the general consensus on new biz was: lots of opportunity but decisions being postponed, put off, or new hurdles being put in place to jump over, which I agreed with.

So, do I have a point? What I’m trying to say is we know we have a good community, we know smart people are trying to do exciting things in communications, in social media and in PR in general. That’s not a new revelation, but we face a real test in the current financial crisis, and although we’re much better placed to deal with it than many other sectors, it’s a test none the less.

If we can still keep that openness, and will to collaborate in today’s financial environment, which so far all the evidence that I’ve seen confirms we can, we’re not only going to come through these harsh conditions, but we’re going to come through it stronger and better than before, which is a future I’m very much looking forward to.


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