Retailers active in social media

E-commerce blog Get Elastic has a useful round-up of 110 ways in which retailers (mainly US) are engaging with their online audiences. If offers a good snapshot of where the retail industry is investing in social media, and the creativity is in some cases very impressive.

As you’d expect, MySpace remains the most popular social media platform, but Facebook and YouTube are quickly catching-up.

If you have time to click-through to some of the examples, it’s really worth a look.

Here is Victoria Secret’s Facebook group PINK:

And here is Adidas’ YouTube video explaining how its Second Life environment works:

One thought on “Retailers active in social media

  1. Hey folks, thanks for mentioning our list of retail social media campaigns. It’s pretty amazing to see the creativity out there. I think there is a big upside for traditional retailers however. As you can tell, the list is dominated by brand manufacturers.

    We have a webinar on social media for online retailers with SMO rockstar Neil Patel on October 10th – pop in, we’d love to field some of your questions!

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