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After recently attending the Chinwag: measuring social media event, I wanted to share with you some of the hundreds of mostly free measurement, tracking, conversation, monitoring tools and so on that are out there and widely available. All of which can be found on our archived research page , which is there for all to use to better understand social media and related subjects.

The first link is a Mashables page where you will find tools for web traffic visualisation, blog and RSS feed analysis, market research data and site rankings, analytics software packages and log file analysis.

The next link is 26 must-have buzz monitoring tools, all of which are free of charge.

For the PR readers of the blog here are some tools for you that have been tried and tested by PR consultant David Jones.

If you are a big fan of DEL.ICIO.US as we are here at Liberate, here’s another one for you. The ultimate DEL.ICIO.US TOOLBOX – over 180 DEL.ICIO.US tools to use. Check out our own bookmarks at

By now you should all be digging and submitting story you like to Digg. To keep on top of it all here is a Digg tools and resource page.

If that wasn’t enough for you here’s 70 more Digg tools.

Want to track your website? Well you should! On this page there are 69 tools to do just that.

If you just want to concentrate on blogs here are some tracking tools and six key ways to measure it.

If you have a found a discussion in the bloggosphere and you want to follow it try one of the following tools.

Twitter is very popular at the moment and numbers 4 and 5 in this blog post will help you monitor conversations and visualisation.

More reputation and social media tactics tools can be be found in our rescource.

If you would like to add to our resource or think we might have missed some important tools please get in touch.


8 thoughts on “Social media tools list – from analytics to Digg

  1. Nice resource!

    We also have a Social Suite with Digg Analytics and Automation in beta test. If you are interested please drop me an email and we’ll work out the details.


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