Stephen Fry reinvents the autobiography on iPhone

Stephen Fry, with help from his friends at the  Dare digital agency, has launched an iPhone app today that reinvents the autobiography. ‘MyFry’ is a rather splendid app that allows users the freedom to dip and delve into Stephen’s second instalment of his autobio  The Fry Chronicles, published by Penguin.

What makes this so appealing, fresh and engaging is the visual index. I won’t blather on because the promo video does a much better job but simply say that surely this the way newspapers, magazines and other texts could be re-imagined online. Even ‘socialPR ‘ might engage and influence through research papers and case studies apps. If there was an elegant way of connecting the app with updated content, so much the better.

Anyway, hope you enjoy the Greatest Living Englishman (c Stephen Fry :)) explaining how his app works:


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