Strange and Weird Social Networking Sites


We’ve all heard about the Facebooks and MySpaces of the social networking world, but what about some of the more weird and wonderful ones out there.

Here’s a list of a few of the weirder social networks that we have come across:

Weird Beard A place for personal growth. – All about beards!

BarberandBeauty “We created this network to express our love for the barber and beauty profession. So if you have or see a new hair cut, please upload it on our network. We also like unique nail jobs.” – So if you’re bold or you bite your nails this one is probably not for you! “Vampire Freaks – industrial music and gothic culture. – The featured cult section looks tempting!

Spot a Pottyyou guessed it, spot a potty/toilet and send in the photo!

Loving A Convict It Takes Patience!!! You can get the support you need from here!! – This one is very niche!

Raw Island “Where raw fooder’s meet, share & communicate. Raw food lovers are a far flung group geographically. But when we gather at a seminar or festival it seems like we’ve known each other our whole lives. Help us recreate that spirit here.” – Yummy!

Cleaning Buddies Unite Sometimes I need a little motivation to keep going when I have a million things to do. So we can check in with each other and give tips and words of encouragement. We can even give before and after pics to show our progress and how hard we worked. – I bet thoses pictures are really interesting!

Prisoners Left Behind Prisoners Left Behind is a prison advocate social networking site. We give accounts from people behind bars on their daily living conditions.

Spndxboi Fun! Say hello sometime if you’re into lycra/spandex… – Enough said!

The Dark Underworld Beyond Death you can say whatever you like and do whatever you like here with NO RULES – My kinda place!

Cave Dances “We dance in a cave ! ~ Dances of Universal Peace retreats have been happening since 1999 at Split Top Cave in Canyonlands, Utah. A very special way to connect with Nature, Silence, the Beloved and Community all at the same time.” – Don’t really fancy it, do you!

If anything has caught your eye here, it’s probably best to keep it to yourself !


3 thoughts on “Strange and Weird Social Networking Sites

  1. How about

    It’s a business social network where you have to swear on your God (Allah, Buddha, Shiva, Gaia, God, Manitou, …) that you are trustworthy. And, in case you deceive, you will be strike by lightning

    So long, linkedin :)

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