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Bad news sells. Is social media changing this?

February 12th, 2010

This week I caught an interview with Alastair Campbell on ITV’s Loose Women, promoting his new book Maya. Within the interview Campbell (who formerly wrote for the Daily Mirror) suggested that social networking is inverting the core principle of newspaper journalism, i.e. bad news sells, and replacing it with a more balanced view of the world.

In my view he’s right. Traditionally we might have bought our favourite tabloid or broadsheet on the way to work, or selected the paper with the most grabbing front page headline. Pre-social media, we’d have been blissfully unaware of how our intake of news was being controlled by an editorial agenda that dictates bad news sells. Journalists are trained in how to tease out of any story an angle that conveys fear, sex, drama etc. A story that simply reports ‘good news’ would never get past any half-decent news editor.

Today however, ‘social’ media means that we have access to news that has not been written by journalists or broadcasters. Many high profile bloggers have no journalist training, and so take a much fresher, unbiased approach to news reporting.

Websites such as Delicious and Digg enable people to bookmark and share content from the highest profile blog through to the most obscure and niche. It’s human nature to want to share good news, and so with no motivation to ‘sell’, those consuming news through social sites are likely to be faced with more ‘good’ news that then would have been traditionally.

This is good news for brands and the PR industry as a whole. It makes it more possible for a brand to communicate its good news, and if it is liked by its community, the news will be shared. This doesn’t remove the need for a strong news hook, but that hook can now be a positive one.

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Digg and tools/resource compedium

October 2nd, 2008

If you’re a user like Liberate Media, or a Digg social news reader/submitter, here is a list of links to others posts that will get you the very best out of these two popular social media services.

Digg and have been updated since a few of the below posts were created, but the mechanics are still the same.

Probably a good place to start – How Best to Submit Our (Or Any) Stories to Digg

Followed by the Digg toolbox from the ever popular

Next is an even more comprehensive Digg toolbox from

Want some Digg data? Try the Digg front page data tool you can also find the top 100/1000 Diggers.

‘Make use of’ have a post called, The top 5 Digg tools to make you a better Digger.

Want to find out a bit more Digg? – Here is 10 interesting Digg features

Ever wondered what type on content is popular on Digg? Click here to find out.

Want to create a good Digg title? Check out this tool from Dan Zarella

No resource list would be complete with out a case study, so here it is: the Digg case study.

Getting board of Digg yet? Here are 6 alternatives

Yet another tool box from Mashable, this time it’s the toolbox.

Ever wanted to become a power user? You can at Web Work daily.

Very good post here from – 6 Ways To Make Life Easier With (added bonus of a common craft animation, which are excellent)

Delicious Popular Page Posts Analysed – nicely scrawled image, but actually very interesting!

A PR opportunity!

If you are going to take seriously then use the Delicious Bookmarks Firefox Add-ons

Finally A-to-Z by Functions : All 150+ hacks. hacks, links, tools organised by actions / functions.


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