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Microsoft send Mozilla a cupcake

June 22nd, 2011

For those that didn’t know, Mozilla has just released Firefox 5.

It seems the guys at Microsoft who of course build the IE browsers, are fans of the FireFox browser. How do i know this? because every time FireFox releases a new browser, Microsoft send them a cake. It’s more a bit of fun between rivals than anything else.

This time around the cake has significantly downsized to a cupcake reflecting what Microsoft think of the new features in FireFox 5. The message on the cake reads “Congratulations on shipping! Love, the IE. The FireFox team responded with this message “Just received the congrats cake,” tweeted Damon Sicore, Mozilla VP of engineering, with a link to a picture of the cupcake. “From all at Mozilla, thank you, Microsoft. We love you, too. :)”

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