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Google TV in the UK?

August 31st, 2011

A few weeks ago i wrote a post entitled Google TV @ $99 which confirmed that the price of the Logitech Revue has come down in price from $299 to $99.00. At that price I went ahead and purchased one from the US.

First impressions were good and the only obvious drawback to UK customers is that it is only really set up for U.S. consumption so far. This could all change very shortly now that Google has confirmed that it will bring Google TV to the U.K. later this year. This purchase could be an even bigger bargain than i imagined!

Google has also confirmed that that Android Market is coming to Google TV, with this announcement -Preview of Google TV add-on for the Android SDK

“We are excited to announce a preview of the Google TV add-on for the Android SDK. With the upcoming OS update to Honeycomb, Google TV devices will be Android compatible. That means developers can build great new Android apps for TV, optimize existing mobile or tablet apps for TV, and distribute those apps through Android Market.”

Google TV has had a relatively slow start, but if Google can replicate its mobile success on the big screen who knows where Google TV will be in the next few years, it’s a space worth watching!

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