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How small businesses can profit from online marketing

December 15th, 2009

Julie Stanford is a mover and shaker in the Brighton business community (as well as publisher of the Essential Business Guide) and I was very pleased to sit in on her weekly RadioReverb show “Business as Usual”, along with Jeremy Spiller from White Hat Media. We chewed over the best ways for small businesses to profit from online marketing, and indeed, who might not benefit by engaging with their customers through social media.

Time is a precious commodity for us all and Julie rightly wanted clear views on how people running their own businesses could justify using valuable hours online – and the most profitable ways to connect. We came up with the ‘Welsh LLEGS’ roadmap – Listen, Learn, Engage, Give and Share. Nothing ground-breaking but we all repeated the mantra here: “It’s not rocket science; it’s about having useful conversations”.

We were actually hard-pushed to think of a single business where online marketing would not pay a dividend, as long as that focus did not replace offline strategies and tactics.  Jeremy pointed listeners in the direction of Joel Comm’s Twitter Power book and reminded us how crucial the role of measurement was to any business owner.

Funnily enough, the day after the show was recorded, my Twitter feed delivered this great Mashable link for small business online marketing resources:

The show is being repeated tomorrow afternoon on 97.2FM and online, with the podcast available from Julie’s website as well.

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How small businesses can use online marketing effectively

December 14th, 2009

‘How small businesses can make the most of online marketing’ is the topic for the RadioReverb show tomorrow morning (Tuesday 15th) where Business as Usual host Julie Stanford , Jeremy Spiller from White Hat Media and I will be addressing the challenges head-on. This is obviously an area that we are passionate about at Liberate Media and I hope to offer some marketing advice on the issues facing small businesses, which form the foundations of the UK economy.

You can listen between 7-8am on 97.2FM or

The discussion will also be on Julie’s blog . If any of you do catch it, it would good to hear your views. You can also follow Julie (@juliestanford), me (@timsgreenhalgh) and Jeremy (@jeremyspiller) on Twitter.

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