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FIFA backs Global Action Week to keep education at top of agenda with 1 Goal campaign

April 19th, 2010

Today (April 19th) marks the start of Global Action Week 2010 organised by Global Campaign for Education (GCE) – to highlight the fact the 774 million adults cannot read or write.

Global Action Week will put pressure on governments around the world to keep their education finance promises. There has been detailed background preparation over the past nine months. More information is the GCE website.

But the aim is to extend this further, using the World Cup in South Africa as a platform to keep global education development at the front of governments’ minds.

The World Cup kicks off in Johannesburg and Cape Town on Friday June 11th and global football body FIFA is fully backing the campaign.

It’s at the very least a welcome move for FIFA, which garners a lot of bad press, and shows the power of global brands to make a difference, while fostering a positive view of themselves.

Interestingly, FIFA itself is supporting the campaign quietly. This morning, there was nothing visible on its website to mark the start of the campaign – an opportunity missed?

High-profile supporters also include Rio Ferdinand (Manchester United), Gordon Brown (UK Prime Minister), Hilary Clinton (US Secretary of State) and Robin van Persie (Arsenal FC). No prizes for guessing which football teams my sons support!

You can see the full list of supporters here.

Today’s campaign launch also reminded me that while the focus is naturally on developing countries, literacy is a concern for all nations, a point made gently but tellingly by Lisa Adams, who commented on our Brian Solis Social Media Optimisation blog.

Lisa helps to run a literacy campaign in Kingsport, Tennessee that desperately needs help with many things, including website development.

The action week’s highlight is the world’s largest single lesson with school children across the globe involved in ideas around the topic “1 GOAL: Lesson for All” – linked with the World Cup build-up, which provide a perfect focus for education needs in developing countries.

The GCE says that this year is ‘make or break’ for global education development, buffeted by the economic downturn and at risk from governments focussing on other agendas.

The 2010 focus is on education financing and the campaign will be a precursor to the larger 1GOAL: Education for All campaign.

Global Action Week participation has grown from 2 million people in 2003 to over 14 million in 2009 – this year, the target is 30 million.

Today, I feel very lucky.

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