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Digital vs print coverage – which would you prefer?

May 1st, 2008

Rainier PR has launched its Tech PR 2008 report today and it makes for interesting reading, see Stephen Waddington’s post for a brief overview.

The report surveyed 300 senior in-house PR and marketing personnel in the UK’s technology sector, which is pretty much spot-on in terms of our focus.

The most interesting stat for me was this: ‘New media channels are set to overtake traditional print and broadcast as the priority targets for PR professionals.’

Now admittedly the margin was not particularly huge, ’49 per cent of respondents still cited traditional print media as their main target for PR’…but this is interesting: ‘For 32 per cent it was their last choice.’ 

This subject is particularly irritating for me, as i know from personal experience that far too often hardcopy coverage is still valued above coverage online. The unfathomable part is that this preference for print coverage seems to be for no reason other than being able to tell the boss, your friends, your mum, your clients, whoever that ‘i’m in the FT/Times/Guardian etc today’.

Ignoring the positive aspects of having your coverage online, such as driving links back to your site, reaching a wider audience and the longevity of the coverage, is quite simply beyond me.

It’s great to see that the balance is being redressed and digital coverage is taking its rightful place.

Top work Rainier! I’ll be referring to this report the next time the topic comes up.

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