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Social Media Optimization Is The New SEO With Brian Solis

April 15th, 2010

Brian Solis: Social Media Optimisation is the new SEO

Last night, I joined in the Hubspot webinar on “Social Media is the New SEO” with Brian Solis and took away enough ideas to last through the rest of this year at least.

Brian engages with diamond-like clarity and precision; and he doesn’t waste words so, likewise, I’ll keep this short.

You can see Brian’s presentation on Slideshare.

Main takeaways:

  1. Social media conversations currently are “Blah Blah Blah!”
  2. The next level for marketing/brand professionals is to cut through
  3. Do this by accepting that we are all publishers now
  4. Create and curate Social Objects that extend depth and range of your conversations
  5. Social Media Objects, managed correctly, automate your social media work
  6. This is Word of Mouth automated, not just “going viral”
  7. Social Media will have its own budget in companies next year
  8. Maybe every savvy company will have a Chief Editorial Officer
  9. That Officer will direct quality, calibre and frequency of content (Social Objects)
  10. The new “CEOs” will help to connect the dots in Search.
  11. With Social Objects you will be found and be useful, relevant, authoritative.
  12. Social Media Optimisation is more than a conversation, more than manipulation
  13. Empathy is the key.

You know, there was so much more in that hour – The buzz around the webinar and Brian’s book, Engage, is continuing through the #engage hashtag if you want to joiun the conversation.

You can also out more about Social Media Optimisation on Brian’s blogsite

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