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Five on Friday – five fabulous web 2.0 tools of the week

September 5th, 2008

Here is my weekly round-up of some of the web 2.0  tools I have checked out this week.

1, Hurricanes and storms have featured on the news heavily this month, so my first offering is called Stormpulse – storm and hurriane tracking. If you are going on holiday in hurricane/storm season check out this site to see if you’re going to have a storm-free holiday.

2, Next up is a search site called Hittery. Hittery is a custom search site/dashboard that you can add custom search engines too. All the search boxes are moveable so you can have your favourite custom searches near the top.

3, Zimplit is a very simple, easy-to-use content management system/web design tool. Zimplit is open source and free forever, and you can check out the demo. This site is great if you want a website but have no idea of putting one together and want a hassle-free experience in the process.

4, Twitter Counter is a nice Twitter statistics tool that shows how popular you are in Twitter, and it also works out the amount of estimated followers you will have next month.

5, This one is not so much of a web 2.0 tool, but more of a list. 100 Useful Niche Search Engines You’ve Never Heard Of. There are many sub-sections including social media, travel and business.

More of the same next week!

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Five on Friday – five fabulous web 2.0 tools of the week

August 29th, 2008

Five fabulous web 2.0 tools of the week

From now, on every Friday I am going to do a small round-up of the very best web 2.0 tools I have checked out during the week.

Here is this week’s top selection in no particular order:

1, A search engine called Viewzi, which gives you a nice visual twist on the boring Google and Yahoo set-up. My particular favourite view is the timeline view.

2, Next is another visual web 2.0 entry in the form of Tweetrush. Tweetrush is a graphical tool that shows the usage of Twitter, with some great data available.

3, Not so much of a web 2.0 tool this next one, but as a huge movie fan I am going to share it with you. It’s called Moviestring, which allows you to review a movie in 255 characters or less.

4, This next site has been out for a while and it’s more of a boredom killer. The site is called HelloQuizzy, which allows you to create you own quiz or try one of the one already made up. I tried the The Beatles Lyrics Test and failed totally.

5, The best is left for last. Blabberize is a tool where you can upload a photo of a face, change the mouth movement to record some speech, and hey presto you have made a fool out of your boss or best friend! Go to the site to see what I mean – very funny!

More of the same next Friday.

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