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Five on Friday – five fabulous web tools of the week (17.07.09)

July 17th, 2009

Hi all, here are my picks for this week’s edition of top tools and sites of the week.

1. Follow Me Social Media WordPress Plugin The Follow Me widget allows you to display links to all your social media profiles in one, easy-to-access button or window, it’s easily deployable in your wordpress blog sidebar.

2. Survs. Survs is a collaborative tool that allows you to build, deploy and analyse online surveys. It is collaborative in the sense that you can cooperate with your teammates through the journey of building, deploying and analysing your surveys. You can even share your survey results, templates and themes online.

3. Geo Follow. A nice looking Twitter tool to search the directory by: City, State, Zip, Country, Tag, Name, Twitter Username and Keyword

4. is an online personalised news page which provides a nice way to easily track information from a bunch of news sources on a single webpage. You can add any topic and build a page very quicky – Recommended.

5. Follow Formation is a simple tool for Twitter users who want to follow the top people in their areas of interest. Choose from top 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 people and then hit follow.

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Five on Friday – five fabulous web tools of the week (10.07.09)

July 10th, 2009

Here is this weeks top tools and sites round up.

1. Screen Jelly. Screenjelly records your screen activity with your voice so you can spread it as a video via Twitter or email. Use it to quickly share cool apps or software tips, report a bug, or just show stuff you like.

2. Kampyle is a feedback form for Websites is a powerful on-demand solution to collect, analyze and manage your website visitors’ feedback.

3. Chirbit is a free online tool for audio sharing, users to record, upload, listen to and share sound bites easily. You can also use iPhone Voice Memos to post to chirbit.

4. Folowen It is a social profile search engine that aggregates the social media profiles of a person from 20 different social sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc and presents the results on one single page

5. View like us Lets you quickly test website in different resolutions. You simply need to enter website URL into provided field and click on the “Submit” button. Once the page loads, you can click different resolution tabs to view how the site looks.

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Five on Friday – five fabulous web tools of the week (03.07.09)

July 3rd, 2009

Hi all, here is the first five fabulous web tools of the week in July. Where has the first half of the year gone?

1. Talon is a very easy to use screen capture tool. You can add the bookmarklet to your toolbar, and when you are on a page that you need a screen grab from, just click the bookmarklet and your page is saved to either your clipboard, desktop or online.

2.Twitter Follower Another easy to use tool that helps you follow people on Twitter by keyword. Add your account details and keyword and then Twitter Follower will find and follow users that have the keyword in their description.

3. DIY Chart allows you to create interactive charts and graphs from static or dynamic data. Read more about the features and benefits here

4. CoTweet is currently in private beta so I haven’t actually tried it, but by looking at the list of clients they have using the software it looks quite impressive. In a nutshell CoTweet is a platform that helps companies reach and engage customers using Twitter.

5. Wikirage Wikirage tracks the pages in Wikipedia which are receiving the most edits over various periods of time. Useful for trending information.

More of the same next week.

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Five on Friday – five fabulous web tools of the week (19.06.09)

June 19th, 2009

Here is this week round up of five fabulous web tools.

1.Topsy- Is a search engine power by Tweets. The results show you some nice information on the search term, such as who has Tweeted about it.

2. Tweet Grid - Pick the size of your Twitter grid and add a keyword search in each section, great if your looking after a number of brands.

3. Twitalyzer – Very useful Twitter tool used to measures such things as infuence.

4.Limmz – Many search engines in one, place your search term in the area and then pick a more tailored search engine to search with.

5. Snap Stream – A search engine that Graphs mentions of any word on national U.S. television from station such as ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, MSNBC and CNN.

More of the same next week.

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Five on Friday – five fabulous web 2.0 tools and sites of the week (24-04-09)

April 24th, 2009

The end of the working week in near, so as always I present my five fabulous web 2.0 tools and sites of the week.

1. First off is News Trendz which gives you the low down on the latest, most talked about issues, people, events and news on the web by searching through Google and Twitter. The current top trend is 1. Susan Boyle

2. Analytics App for the iPhone provides you with Google Analytics for any account you administer. The app is very well laid out and gives you all the information you see in the web-based version. A great app!

3. Last week we featured NameChk which checks if profile names have been taken or not across social networks, news and bookmarking sites. KnowEm? does the same thing, but is slightly more visual and checks a few more accounts.

4. Social Media Metrics Plugin for Google Anayltics – this automatically pulls in social media metrics into Google Analytics’ Content Detail reports. To run it you need Firefox, and the Greasemonkey script. Check out the link to find out how to set it up.

5. Finally a little bit of fun. Cameroid lets you take crazy snaps of yourself right from your browser via a webcam. There are loads of different effects and filters to choose from to make your photo stand out.

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Five on Friday – five fabulous web 2.0 tools and sites of the week (13-03-09)

March 13th, 2009

It’s Friday, so here is my weekly top five sites and web 2.0 tools of the week.

1. Plum allows you to add groups to your website, giving visitors to your wesbsite a place to talk and share ideas about themes and topics surrounding your site.

2. UberVU is an easy way to track, start and respond to conversations, even if they take place across multiple sites and services.

Today conversation around online stories takes place across an increasing number of services and networks. To give an example, you might upload a video to YouTube that then gets embedded in a blog post. That post receives comments and it gets posted on Twitter, where it also gets some replies. The Twitter post gets to FriendFeed where the conversation continues.

All of this is part of a single conversation, but you can’t see it because it’s trapped inside different services. That’s where uberVU comes in.

3. Whos Talkin is a great social search tool. It searches across many blog services, news sites, social networks, video sites, image sites, forums and via tag sites such as WordPress.

4. twtbase is a Twitter application database. You can narrow down your search by choosing either  Web Mobile Desktop Browser Plugins Mashups or even Submit an App.

5. surchur is a little like Whos Talkin, apart from the fact that it boasts to be the ultimate ‘what’s on the web now’ dashboard. Search any topic and Surchur will pull in feeds from a multitude of different sites and sources. One cool feature of Surchur is the Surchmeter, which shows you how popular a keyword is on different sources: surchur, blogs and twitter. A 10 means the keyword is super hot and a 1 not hot at all.

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Five on Friday – five fabulous Web 2.0 tools and sites of the week (28-11-08)

November 28th, 2008

This week has been a bit mental, but as always I fail to disappoint with my favourite 5 web 2.0 tools and sites of the week.

1. First off we have Popacular. A very simple looking site that give you a list of the most popular websites mentioned on Twitter. You can also do the same for Delicious bookmarks.

2. This next one is something I have not actually tried! But the description got me buzzing. It’s a new web browser called Lunascape. It claims to be the fastest start up browser, here are some of the features:

  • Crash protection functionality
  • Mouse gestures
  • Tab browsing
  • Abundant plug-ins
  • Smart favourites

3. Splitweet allow you to use multiple Twitter accounts at the same time, it also give you real time mentions of any keywords/brands you wish to monitor. – Could this be a Tweetdeck killer?

4. Microbloging is all the rage at the moment, if your a fan then this next web 2.0 tool might be right up you street. It is called ShoutEm. ShoutEm is simply a very customisable way or creating your own microblogging community, some of the features include links and photo sharing, geo location sharing and mobile browser support. There is also a paid for service which gives you a few more options such as private domains instead of * domain. View the ShoutEm deom video.

5. Finally today is a review site called Trustpilot. Trustpilot collects the information about the company that you would have taken hours to find, and informs you automatically about positive or negative conditions you should know about.

Here are some of the company’s Trust pilot have reviewed (click to see the bigger picture)

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