Ten tips from Daniel Zeevi on how to write articles that go viral

I’ve just picked up a great post, giving excellent advice on how to write articles that go viral by Daniel Zeevi.

Daniel is a digital media strategist, web developer, graphic designer, writer and founder of DashBurst.  His article in Social Media Today is clear, precise and full of knowledge and advice.

His comments echo what we have tried to practice and preach at Liberate Media for the past six years.   We believe that fresh, quality content, with freely shared links and associated ideas will always find an audience.

It is getting more difficult to win enough of people’s attention for them to spend that most precious resource – time – in posting a comment on a blog. But, in a sense, if they share with a brief personal snippet on social media channels, then this amounts to the same thing.

I would urge you to find ten minutes to read his excellent article and share it. Just as a taster, here are his top ten tips in précis.

1. Understand Market Trends in Social Media

You should always check out what topics are hot on social media and time your post.

2. Write Longer In-depth Content

Longer content is more likely to get shared but add value, not just length.

3. Choose an Effective Title and Keywords

Choose effective keywords that will help people find the articles you write.

4. Understand Keyword Density

Do not try to overcrowd your articles with keywords simply because you want to draw in traffic.

5. Make Your Content Interesting and Emotional

Always make your content unique to help draw more people. Speak to the audience not yourself.

6. Allow Your Content to be Easily Skimmed

People read a fraction of web content – make it easier for them.

7. Don’t Stuff Your Content with Keywords

8. Under Promise and Over Deliver on What You’re Writing About

Under promise and over deliver and your articles will go viral on social media. People crave interesting and useful content.

9. Share That @#$&

Get your post out there to as many relevant social networks and communities as possible.

10. Ask For Feedback

What are your thoughts?

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