The Business Show – social communications, the myths and realities


Yesterday I attended The Business show, which is the UK’s largest business event, and continues today, Friday November 23rd.

I was also invited to give a presentation at the event, in the Telnames theatre, and based the discussion on my recent article for TechCrunch titled: social comms for start ups, the myths and realities.

On arrival at the show, two things struck me. Firstly the size of the event, which was impressive covering every possible element of business life for start ups and growing businesses. The second was the number of social media-based presentations. For example at 2pm (my slot), there were three social media related presentations and another that was search marketing related.

I feared I might have fallen into the realms of `me too’ with my presentation, and expected a low turnout as a result.

Thankfully, my initial fears proved unfounded as the theatre was packed for my presentation, and Guy Clapperton was also kind enough to introduce me to the crowd.

In brief, the feedback I received from the presentation was very positive. The purpose of which, as the title suggests, was to cut through the never ending social media myths, both from the social side and the corporate side.

As part of the presentation I tried to `out’ those corporate misconceptions about social, such as `social media will expose us to negativity’, `social media is free’, and `social media is a time waster’.

As well as remove the social media clichés such as ‘tricks’, ‘get rich quick’ and ‘short term wins’.

Instead, I tried to focus on the practicalities for growing businesses, and in truth these fundamentals are true for any business.

I then tried to break down the process of developing a social plan, including; listening, data, learning and engagement. See Liberate Media’s Social CRM whitepaper for further information. We will send this through to you if you request it via [email protected]

I also had a number of enquires at the end of the session in terms of specific social media tool lists and recommendations, so I have included a few links here from:

ViralBlog – 88 social media monitoring tools
Dreamgrow – 54 free social media monitoring tools
Social Media Monitoring Wiki:

I also referenced the Harvard Business Review analytic services report – The New Conversation: Taking Social Media from Talk to Action

The presentation is available via slideshare.

Let me know what you think.


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