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A few new applications caught my eye last week, the first of which is called F1 ,which is nothing to do with the car racing series. F1 is a FireFox browser application developed by the Mozilla Messaging team and released through Mozilla Labs. It works on FireFox 3.6 and above.

From the website: “F1 is a browser extension that allows you to share links in a fast and fun way. Share links from within the browser, from any webpage, using the same services you already know and love.”

One of the nicest touches is F1’s integration with Gmail, it automatically inserts the URL of a website into the body of your email – simply type in your recipient’s email addresses and hit share.

Mozilla Labs F1 from Mozilla Messaging on Vimeo.

Launched around the same time as F1; RockMelt social browser, currently in Beta via invitation only, gives you seamless access to your social accounts, making it simple to share any page you are browsing.

The following video went viral and created a huge amount of interest:

My initial thoughts are that it’s a tough area to break into with the likes of FireFox and Chrome already having amassed a huge number of tools offering you the customisation and flexibility to take your browser in any direction you choose. This is certainly one to watch though and I’m sure RockMelt has some more ideas up its sleeve, the trick now is to maximise the initial buzz and kick on!


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