Three free Twitter sentiment tools

If you need to quickly show a client or your colleagues how conversations are developing around a brand’s Twitter profile, these three tools are for you. Each offers a visual and useful way of displaying sentiment around relevant tweets.

Twitter Sentiment allows you to research the sentiment for a brand, product, or topic.Twitter Sentiment is a graduate school project from Stanford University.

Tweetfeel monitors positive and negative feelings in twitter conversations around elements such as movies, musicians, TV shows and popular brands.

Twitrrart. With Twitrratr you can distinguish negative from positive tweets surrounding a brand, product, person or topic.

Do you have any other favourite free Twitter sentiment tools? If so, please add to the list via the comments section.


3 thoughts on “Three free Twitter sentiment tools

  1. Thanks Andy – as an avid user of Twitter and various tools fot the Tweasier blog

    However, I just used all three of these and none of them seemed to work properly. In fact the first one was the only one that delivered any result at all and that was dubious. You have got me thinking about whether I should create a useful Twitter sentiment feature for Tweasier. I think I will link to this post and add a few others. Thanks

  2. Thanks for the reply Chris.

    There is defiantly room for a good preferably free Twitter sentiment tool. I think the three application examples above work best for brands with lots of discussion around them, like the screen shot examples given for Napster.

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