Tim Cook rules the changing Apple world

When Tim Cook (pictured above left) moved into the incredibly big space left by Steve Jobs at Apple, the markets moved quickly. They began to write Tim Cook down with endless articles about his shortcomings.

At the time, I wrote that Tim would be a brilliant CEO of Apple, based on nothing more than careful monitoring and reading about his career over more than a decade. I also said that anyone with spare cash should buy and lock away Apple shares.

Seems like I called it right. Tonight, Apple shares have a value over $600 for the first time. I would not worry about the slight fall – end-week traders taking some folding cash back home – this stock is built to last.

Tim Cook, the man the markets mashed less than a year ago, is the world’s top CEO. Who said that? His employees is who.

US-focused careers site Glassdoor announced today that Cook received a 97 per cent approval rating from employees over the past 12 months that ended March 15, beating out Ernst & Young CEO Jim Turley and Qualcomm CEO Paul Jacobs, American Express CEO Ken Chenault and Google CEO Larry Page.

Seems also that the Man is getting another thing right. Tim Cook went to the Chinese Foxcomm plant that builds the devices his company has designed and sells and we buy. He wants change there and has some power to do that. Foxcomm has promised to hire more people and reduce the pressures on its employees.

It’s in his power to take the build contract away from Foxcomm. It’s in our power to pay more for Apple mobile products. While we ponder and prevaricate, Tim Cook is making changes. Like I said – he’s The Man.


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