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The Triad takes on social media measurement

August 5th, 2008 by Lloyd Gofton

We came across an interesting post earlier in the week at Liberate Media, and as the focus of my new blog is measurement, i won out in the race to post about it.

The Triad mention in my headline is a bit tongue-in-cheek, but the idea behind Kami Huyse’s Triad of Measurement analogy, which is adapted from Avinash Kaushik’s strategic concept of Trinity and Katie Paine’s idea of measuring Outputs, Outtakes and Outcomes, is far from it.

In fact, it’s one of most simple, and therefore potentially powerful, measurement ideas that we’ve come across, and we really like it.

It’s based on three key measurement points:

Interest: How interested are people in x

Attitude: What attitudes do people hold about x

Action: What actions, that matter from a business perspective, do people take as a result of x

Kami has broken down the theory further using Marc van Bree’s (The Dutch Perspective) ‘measuring results‘ post that defines measurable attributes, which in turn uses the Dow Jones’ whitepaper titled: ‘Tracking the influence of conversations’ - don’t you just love collaboration!

Between these three ideals, i think Kami has come up with a usable and realistic framework, and will be expanding on it in a series of ‘how to measure each part of the Triad’ posts over the next week or so.

Thanks Kami, I’ll certainly continue to track your recommendations.

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