Weekly Social Media sites, tools and posts round-up (01-04-2010)

Welcome to another instalment of the `Weekly Social Media sites, tools and posts round-up’.

1. First off today we have Wufoo a HTML simple form creation builder. Wufoo has a free option that includes: 1 User, 3 Forms, 3 Reports, 10 Fields, 100 Entries / Month and a number of paid for plans for bigger sites. Check out the gallery for some examples.

2. Spezify is a fantastic visual search engine that produces results in the style of a mood board. It’s great for showing clients visual representation for what’s happening with your brands or products online. Recommended!

3. Strings caught my attention, here’s what they say: “Strings is a social tracking and filtering platform that allows you to share and uncover experiences that are relevant to you. Strings incorporates strong privacy controls, easy filtering, and tracking support that allows your actions on and offline to automatically identify personalised trends worth following.” It’s a free tool that’s currenly in BETA, look’s like it could be worth a trial.

4. Fliptop has two parts to it. One for publishers and one for consumers. In a nutshell it updates consumers via email when specfic content is updated to a website you enjoy reading. View the video for further details.

5. Hot blog or not? In their own words: “In one sentence, a platform specifically for bloggers to promote their   articles and blogs including the possibility to find and build a network around their niche”

Social Media post of the week: Has the Social Media News Release (SMNR) finally come of age?

SEO post of the week: How search engines are getting smarter

More of the same social media sites and tools next week!


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