Weekly Social Media sites, tools and posts round up (04-12-2009)

Welcome to another installment of the `Weekly Social Media sites, tools and posts round up’

1. Screenr is a nifty little twitter tool that lets you record up to 5 minutes worth of screen casting and then shares it amongst your Twitter friends, or you can embed it on your blog.

2. Topicfire is a simple news aggregator. You only need to select the topics you are interested in and scroll through the latest news on that topic. RECOMMENDED

3. Site Report offers you a nice overview of any domain including traffic, rank and various other site statistics. All you have to do to get the report is add your chosen domain to the search bar and hit enter!

4. Obsurvey is an easy to use way of creating your own surveys, collecting answers and analysing the results. You can embed the finished survey in your blog. View a demo here.

5. Mashlab is tool that allows you to create a visually interesting website without needing any web design knowledge. Unfortunately this is a paid-for service, but it is pretty cheap – view the demo.

Social Media post of the week: 46 Free Social Media Monitoring Tools

SEO post of the week: 25 Link Building Tactics to Improve Blog Search Engine Rankings

More of the same next week.


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