Your Company Brand Or Your Personal Brand On Twitter?


What’s better, promote yourself as an individual that works for a brand/company, or be the voice behind a brand/company?

Let me give you some examples of  relevant Twitter profiles:

Andy Merchant


Name: Andy Merchant

Location: Brighton


Bio: Social media consultant for Liberate Media

SE Roundtable

Name: SE Roundtable


Bio: The Pulse of the Search Marketing Community









Name: Xoost


Bio: Do you Search >100 times/day and you’d like to share your search skills? Xoost is the place for you! If you like join the BETA TEST PHASE!

I am the individual that works for a brand.

The second and third Twitter examples choose to promote their various brands through  a user name and thumbnail.

What’s the best way to do it?

I could have quite easy had my username as Liberate Media and the Liberate Media logo as my thumbnail, but my feeling is that I would not have the same freedom of expression and speech if I was confined as a Liberate Media spokesperson. As an individual I am still linked to my brand/company and have its best interests at heart, but this way I have the freedom to create an online personality with the flexibility to go one step further than a corporate structure would usually allow me.

Tools  such as  Twitter have helped individuals linked to brands/company’s to grow beyond being just known as ‘so-and-so’ who works for ‘whoever’, into recognisable figures with online authority that are best known for their online presence.

Take a look at your Twitter followers. Can you tell me who they work for? Most of them still have day jobs.

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