Welcome to the new look Liberate Media blog and website. I wanted to take this opportunity to offer a little more detail on how our agency is evolving.

Please also take a look at our new video, which offers a brief insight into our approach.

Since launching in 2006, the team at Liberate Media has tried to push the boundaries of communications. Back then we were told that social wouldn’t last, then we were told that PR and social don’t mix, before being told that we would be made obsolete by a range of agency sectors from SEO to marketing and ad agencies.

During that time we’ve tried to ignore the battle of disciples and focus on understanding our client audiences and delivering tangible outcomes through a combination of PR, social media and content development strategies. This means that if during the campaign process we are required to develop PR strategies and engage with audiences via social profiles, or build and seed content, then that’s what we do.

We’ve also built content communities, social networks and trained organisations, ranging from agencies, government departments and brands. Throughout our history we’ve tried to avoid specialising in specific client sectors. Are we a consumer agency? A B2B agency? A charity agency? Or even a tech agency? Well the truth is all and none of those.

We strongly believe that our approach of understanding the audience and their needs, and then engaging them accordingly means we deliver strong campaigns across B2B, B2C and charity sectors. Whatever the audience we will always research and understand the community before we engage and develop our campaigns, removing the traditional need for specialisms.

Today, we describe our role as; driving customer engagement and sales for brands by building conversations and communities with their customers and other influencers.

We have defined our approach as integrated communications, but perhaps the best definition is earned media communications. Forrester defines earned media as “a message about a company passed between consumers as a result of an experience with the brand.”

What does that mean? Put simply, Liberate Media develops ideas and programmes that create those experiences, getting messages to consumers by being useful, engaging and earning trust.

We believe communications agencies should be constantly evolving and open, developing approaches to suit the client’s requirements, and the demands of client audiences. Therefore, we specialise in conversations and experiences – not channels and disciplines.

We strongly believe that the marketing communications sector is still evolving, that’s exactly what makes it such an exciting area to work in. We get to develop great ideas daily, we’re encouraged to experiment and the end game is yet to be decided.

So, the journey over the last 8 years has been one of liberation, not only in terms of changing the way we work, but also for the individuals involved and in terms of the potential for the sector. The evolution is ongoing and our direction, like that of the wider industry, must continue to develop along the way.