At Liberate, we’re often asked about how to respond in a crisis. It’s something most people worry about but many don’t action beyond that initial passing thought.

We never think an emergency is going to strike, but when it does a pre-agreed plan can make all the difference in terms of a swift and coherent response.

Let’s be honest, writing a crisis comms plan in the middle of an emergency is simply not going to happen.

Prepare for the worst in advance by working with your legal, customer services, social, PR and management team to develop a plan of action.

So, where to start?

We’ve pulled together this checklist to help you develop your own tailored plan.

It covers first actions, key points to consider in your crisis comms plan and the main points for your first media statement on the issue, if needed.

We hope it helps and of course if you have any queries feel free to get in touch: [email protected]