Just picked up a shocking infographic from Barclays Bank – not shocking graphically, rather the statistics it shares about the mobile opportunity.

I did not know that only 11 per cent of UK online businesses had mobile-ready apps or mobile websites. 11 per cent? That stunned me – particularly as the bank also advises that the country’s online businesses are growing 57 times faster than the UK economy.

It’s not as though mobile commerce is something very fresh and new; it has been evolving for the past 10 years and this accelerated with the arrival of the Apple iPhone. Almost every marketing-focused article or whitepaper I read now seems to be putting mobile at the very core of strategy.

But then we find that UK online business, not every business in the UK you understand, is not ready.

Anyway, the purpose of an infographic is to deliver useful information in a visual medium so I will leave the rest to the bank’s designers. You can click on the infographic below for the full-size version.

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