During Liberate Media’s two year campaign with Firezza, the brand evolved at a pace. Our original focus, to improve limited social customer services and social marketing to build an engaged and responsive brand 24/7, was a success. This is shown by huge growth in social communities and engagement, which included 134% growth in the Twitter community, 229% growth in the Facebook community and 853% growth in the Instagram community.

At the same time, we delivered PR coverage at a local and national level, driving awareness with customers, and turning Firezza into a name synonymous with quality, authentic pizza.

The second phase of the campaign was dominated by a relaunch of Firezza, following acquisition by Pizza Express. A new client team and different ideas demanded adaptability and responsiveness. We found creative ways to solve the age old problem of differentiating a widely available product in an intensely competitive market.

Our work across PR, social media, CRM and copywriting defined the new Firezza and triggered an explosion of interest in the brand.

Client Testimonial: Edin Basic, Founder, Firezza

“Our partnership with Liberate Media was a huge success. They took ownership of our social channels and revolutionised the way we communicated with customers, while engaging a wider audience to massively increase the size of our community. They delivered significant PR coverage from local to national level, driving reviews and wider articles that detailed Firezza’s heritage and approach.

“The team were in constant contact with our social community, whatever the time or day. They were always responsive to our requests and central to the evolution of our brand when we relaunched in the summer of 2016. Liberate Media are highly experienced in PR, social media outreach, social customer relationship management and copywriting. Their input was invaluable and I recommend Liberate Media highly.”

Read the full case study here: Firezza Case Study FINAL