We have published our latest case study detailing our work to date with Purple WiFi, the cloud-based Social WiFi provider that is taking the WiFi industry by storm. Purple WiFi provides free and easy to use WiFi for consumers, as well as a range of powerful marketing and data analytics for the venue/business providing the WiFi.

The campaign is detailed below, and can be found on our case study page

Read on to find out more information about how we have helped to develop the Purple WiFi brand, incorporating coverage across national, international, technology and trade titles, plus features on BBC Click and Channel 4 News.



Purple WiFi is a cloud-based Social WiFi solution for businesses wishing to offer free WiFi to visitors. It works with any hardware and is growing quickly with 5000 venues signed spanning 88 countries with an active reseller base of over 300 in 60 countries. The Purple WiFi proposition is very simple; Social WiFi with marketing and data analytics built in.

This video offers a simple explanation, but in brief for the user it means sign in can be completed via social profiles, with no need for usernames and passwords. For the venue, it means social marketing capabilities that are explained in full here.

Purple WiFi removes the complexity from the WiFi business by simply offering a downloadable software system through the cloud, which is scalable quickly and internationally.  


Liberate Media was hired in November 2013 to develop a PR campaign that would build the profile of Purple WiFi and highlight the importance of making WiFi work for businesses, rather than being a service without a return.

Gavin Wheeldon, CEO, Purple WiFi comments: “The team at Liberate Media has worked closely with us to develop insightful and interesting stories that have raised our profile into the national, international and broadcast media, as well as reaching out to our crucial technology and trade contacts. We’ve established a strong working relationship and the team continue to deliver outstanding opportunities.”

Kerry Wright, Head of Marketing, Purple WiFi, comments: “Liberate Media came highly recommended from a trusted source and they haven’t disappointed. The team are incredibly professional and diligent and have achieved exceptional results for us. We’re very happy with the service they provide and hope to continue working with them for a long time to come.”


  • Raise awareness of Purple WiFi, focused on influential titles and contacts to build reputation
  • Build brand equity and position Purple WiFi as an innovative Cloud software provider
  • Differentiate Purple WiFi’s offering and encourage media interest in its approach
  • Add Purple WiFi’s opinion and comment to the on-going discussion around WiFi and the wider communications debate


Liberate Media kicked off the campaign by introducing / re-introducing Purple WiFi to target audiences and influencers, and explaining its vision through evidence and comment, with a view to establishing credibility and clearly translating Purple WiFi’s offering and approach.

We targeted those responsible for influencing purchase decision around WiFi, at both large and growing venues and organisations. We also focused on demonstrating why Purple WiFi’s approach is relevant to target audiences and how it will assist them in implementing effective WiFi and marketing opportunities based on the key social, easy-to-use, marketing, analytics and control messages.

Liberate Media captured the attention of Purple WiFi’s target audiences at an early stage by delivering useful insight and comment in support of the free product launch that narrated the reality of Social WiFi vs. traditional WiFi and overviewed the positives of working with Purple WiFi. We then reinforced the strength and relevancy of Purple WiFi through customer success stories, and by injecting Purple WiFi into relevant and newsworthy conversations that positioned the brand as a worthy opinion leader and trusted source of insight for the relevant vertical sectors  and WiFi, tech, business and B2B spaces.  


Purple WiFi is seeking to innovate, challenge and improve the value that businesses and venues get from their WiFi services. To do this Purple WiFi is turning the WiFi industry upside down, from a slow moving sector held back by its technology restrictions, to a fast moving and innovative cloud-based operation that has the potential to grow rapidly across geographic boundaries. The key is to help the venue to understand how it can better use and evolve its customer relations through the cornerstones of the Purple WiFi service, incorporating WiFi marketing, data and analytics, legal compliance and content filtering and a cloud-based, easy-to-use service.  

Channel 4 Gavin


Liberate Media has helped to evolve Purple WiFi’s perception from a young challenger brand to a growing and innovative WiFi software company offering with a variety of benefits for venues and a range of opportunities to engage with customers.

Broadcast coverage has been secured on BBC Click and Channel 4, along with regional radio stations. National coverage has been secured in the Telegraph, Daily Mail and Evening Standard and international coverage has also been achieved in various U.S. titles including; Quartz, ZD Net, Huffington Post and PC World.

The campaign highlights included headline projects such as the launch of Purple WiFi’s free WiFi offering, which was backed by a global research piece with a sample of 3,300 venues and businesses. This was covered in the Telegraph twice and a range of technology and vertical titles.

A consumer survey, looking at the impact of free WiFi on consumer visits, spend and length of stay was also launched in 2014 which further strengthened Purple WiFi’s position as a WiFi influencer. Additional feature announcements on new offerings such as presence analytics and location based services and customer wins such as Canterbury Cathedral, York City and Camden market helped to open up the conversation into areas such as connected cities, connected retail and content filtering in public places, which encouraged coverage in the Evening Standard, Daily Mail, Mashable, and TechRadar.

The campaign also focused on key newsworthy issues such as the Internet of Things, data offload, personal data and WiFi marketing opportunities, which led to dedicated investigations on Channel 4 and BBC Click.


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