Image of infographic - 20_reasons_to_switch_to_google+

Douglas Karr at The Marketing Tech Blog has shared an infographic offering 20 reasons for marketers to switch to Google+.

His introduction positions Google+ as a game changer in online social marketing and he says: “The opportunity is that Google+ [is] an enormous social network, with almost 32 million visitors and 43 per cent growth in June 2012. This is still your opportunity to plant your flag in the ground and build a following before your competitors do… go do it!”

I love Douglas because he is an out-and-out professional and passionate about social marketing – and he puts his head where his passion is.

The infographic, created by Infographic Labs is a template for every would-be infographic designer. It’s clear, precise, and with good references. It’s got an online American aesthetic but is none the worse for that.

I agree with the Infographic Labs view that Circles are easily the best thing to happen to social media and we can thank Paul Adams (@padday) for much of that, I think. He was a prime mover in this development and his book Grouped is an essential read.

Paul is now Global Head of Brand Design at Facebook, having left Google. Not sure why they let him go.

Circles do what Paul thought they would – and the infographic reinforces this – they reflect online the way we engage and manage our social relationships.

The 19 other reasons to switch to Google+ rest to a greater extent on the connection with the Search giant. That gives me, personally, pause for thought but for marketers, the professional benefits should outweigh the unequal data exchange.

The infographic also boosts the Google+ photo gallery implementation and it’s surely better than the rivals but I still hope against hope that we can devise a tool that curates images accurately so that we can find the images (still and video) we want without the noise.

I think Douglas @douglaskarr) and the team at Infographics Labs have identified that Google+ will be one of the strongest, if not the leading online social marketing tool in the next year.

I haven’t used  Google+ fully up to now – but sure I will after enjoying the infographic. The evidence is compelling.

And, by the way,  the top five Google+ users are celebrities – where Britney, Snoop and Larry Page (Larry Page?) go, we follow ;).