iBAHN – Connected Everywhere


Connected Everywhere was created to position iBAHN as a thought-leader and strategic provider in the WiFi sector, specifically targeting organisations that wish to engage with mobile consumers/visitors.
The campaign was developed as a content community aimed at business decision makers and influencers in three sectors:

The main community website was supported with LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook campaigns to develop conversation and build relationships.

Liberate Media focused on developing conversations and useful content that addressed WiFi opportunities and commercial threats in the three targeted sectors. This allowed the campaign to engage with the target audiences on deeper levels by educating rather than selling, and enabled iBAHN to develop relationships that had previously been unachievable.

Richard Ford, Marketing Director, iBAHN EMEA: “The Connected Everywhere campaign succeeded in ensuring that the iBAHN brand was firmly front-of-mind for Venues, Retail and Enterprise owners considering the move to customer WiFi, facilitating sales discussions and underpinning trust in the brand solutions.”


The campaign

Connected Everywhere was positioned as the community resource for businesses to stay ahead in the Mobile world. The community site helped Retailers, Venues and Enterprises to profit from deeper engagement with customers/fans/visitors via their mobile device. It achieves this by sharing original knowledge, insights, opinion and news on all aspects of mobile commerce and connection.

Launched in October 2012, Connected Everywhere has successfully positioned the iBAHN brand as a main player in the WiFi connectivity space outside of the hospitality sector. Connected Everywhere is also used as a sales and marketing tool to generate leads.

As a result of the campaign, iBAHN were able to build opportunities with Premier League football clubs in the UK and extend this to top European soccer clubs such as Barcelona and Benfica.

Social media support

The Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and YouTube campaigns were developed as conversation and engagement channel, and updated daily with the following objectives:

  1. Engage with the Connected Everywhere community daily to drive interest and conversation
  2. Allow any developments and announcements to be communicated immediately, including new content, announcements, and comment on industry issues
  3. Drive traffic to the main campaign website
  4. Develop relationships with key events influencers
  5. Help Connected Everywhere’s core spokesperson to engage in direct conversation with leads

Content partners

Connected Everywhere content has been created by Liberate Media on behalf of iBAHN and has been supplemented by selected content partners, including Easynet, Retail Technology magazine, Two Circles, Mob76 Outlook, and Warp.ly. Each of these content partners provides expert knowledge to strengthen the community and build audience interest.


The Connected Everywhere campaign has strengthened iBAHN’s position with leading sports clubs and venues, opening doors previously closed to the brand. This has been made possible by the engagement that has taken place offline and online, particularly through the various social channels.
By listening to the Connected Everywhere community and engaging directly, Connected Everywhere has developed and promoted an expert persona, aided by securing motivated advocates who have recommend the campaign and helped to build the success to date.

Summary results: Year one

Justin Hollins, Director of Retail Sales EMEA at iBAHN says: “We developed Connected Everywhere in response to the growing demand from consumers for fast, free WiFi in retail, venues and enterprise settings, driven by the rapid adoption of smartphones and other devices. This demand has prompted management in the sectors to plan for delivery of connectivity solutions that engage profitably with customers, fans and visitors.”