It’s fair to say that Social CRM is a hot topic on this blog, posts such as ‘70% of those helped by social customer service return as a customer’ and ‘the dawn of the paid complaint’ being two recent examples.

However, the pull of social CRM is now going very much mainstream, as proved last week by a piece on the One Show, BBC One’s 7pm magazine show, which was sparked by stories on BA (see paid complaint story above) and Virgin Media who charged a dead man for late payment, the bill for which was then posted online by a disgruntled relative.

The feature itself included an insight into London Midland’s social team, showing how they deal with Twitter conversations, but focused mainly on an experiment to see whether complaining to a business through Twitter gets you a faster response than email.

The One Show contacted the following organisations: BT TV, Monarch Airlines, South West Water, EDF Energy and Barclays, who are also the most complained about organisations accordingly to their industry regulators.

The Tweet simply asked the companies to contact the sender regarding a problem. So which got the quickest response?

Well, as we would expect, it was the Tweet. And all five organisations replied personally and quickly to the tweets.

The response times were as follows:

Monarch Airlines – 3 minutes

EDF Energy – 3 minutes

Barclays – 7 minutes

South West Water – 11 minutes

BT TV – 70 minutes

After 24 hours only one company had responded to the email and that was Barclays – in 7.5 hours.

So if proof were needed that social complaints and social CRM is now completely ingrained in our society, you only need to look at the One Show.

You can watch the One Show feature here.