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There was an uplifting item on the Today programme this morning about the healing power of silence which is well worth a listen.

Graham Turner, author of the just-published book The Power of Silence and Sister Anne Morris, deputy director of St Bueno’s Jesuit Spirituality Centre were interviewed about how taking a short time to live in silence has very positive effects on mental and physical health.

Having been in silent retreats myself, I can vouch for the extraordinary healing power of being completely quiet. It’s not an easy experience because I think we are tuned to noise in our daily lives, and its absence reveals the busyness of our minds.

But the effect of even a five-day silent retreat stays with you long after you re-enter the world of noise. It is a wonderful experience.

Neither Graham nor St Bueno’s are clients but you can find out more about the book here and also learn more about the retreat centre through this link.

You can hear the interview here.