Earlier this week the FT released the results of a survey that it carried out on the social media behaviour of its readers, or more specifically an online survey of 1,128 FT.com readers.

The results of the survey are illustrated in the infographic below and accessible here.

If proof of the influence of social media is needed, the survey confirms that social media is growing faster than every other traffic source to FT.com and traffic referred from this channel has grown by 20% in the last 6 months alone.

Furthermore, the FT has a global combined social media audience of 3.9m. 49% of which is based in the UK or US, with the remaining 51% coming from the rest of the world.

Finally, and perhaps most impressive, 58% of the FT social media audience agree social media enhances its reputation and 40% read the FT more as a result of it.

Plenty of other interesting stats below: