Using social networks such as Twitter when watching TV has become a strong trend, especially when related to sporting events and popular series or lifestyle-specific programming.

In fact, according to Twitter, Ninety-five percent of live TV conversation currently happens on Twitter, (Bluefin) and half of all Super Bowl commercials had hashtags on them, helping guide viewers to the collective conversation.

Last week, at Internet Week New York, Twitter announced a new service called ‘Twitter Amplify’ that allows media brands and their advertising partners to promote television clips on Twitter, basically bringing real-time video into the Twitter platform.

Here’s an example from Twitter focused on the NBA, which is pushing the best Rapid Replays from TV, through a Tweet, to your mobile phone encompassing Sony Pictures, Sprint and Taco Bell. As you can see, the video also features a link to an ad.



Speaking at Internet Week New York, Twitter CEO Dick Costolo talked about how the company has made advertising a more “frictionless” experience because of its emphasis of real-time updates, and adding more broadcasting-like experiences into Twitter will further that concept.

Twitter Amplify has launched with a range of media partners including A&E, BBC America, Conde Nast, Discovery, Fox, Major League Baseball and the WWE. A full list of media partners is available via Twitter’s blog post on the subject.

The ads promise to help advertisers extend their messages beyond broadcasters’ TV audiences to reach their Twitter followers as well.

In addition to Amplify, Twitter also announced plans to begin testing TV ad targeting with select partners.

Using a new TV Ads dashboard, Twitter claims its partners will be able to target their messages, in the form of Promoted Tweets, to Twitter users who have already seen their ads on TV.

Twitter is also stepping up its security with a two step authentication process to avoid repeating recent embarrassing hack examples. And in another ad-based move, Twitter has also signed a deal with Starcom to allow the companies to combine resources for measuring and tracking data and advertising.

These moves will certainly add to Twitter’s growing media relevance and build on its monetisation plans that started slowly, but are now kicking into gear.